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  • Welcome to Noheria Nursing Home

    After running this Nursing Home for the past 30 years, I feel like sharing my experiences about the art of normal delivery and how we can make it widespread. Also, answer common questions like what is painless delivery? Why cesarean? Can this be avoided? Can painless delivery be normal delivery?

    Dr. Sushma Noheria, Director, Noheria Nursing Home

  • Vision

    Starting free Anti-natal check-up every Monday from 8am to 2pm

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  • When will I feel the baby kick?

    How much weight will I gain?

    When does baby start to see?

    Is spotting normal?

    What are the classes all about?

  • Ante Natal Classes

    It is very tiring and non efficient way to talk to your doctor in her clinic...

    Painless Delivery

    "We know little things make large differences." Few exercises makes delivery...

    Well Baby Clinic

    Dr. Garima Garg M.B.B.S.,DCH,DNB,MIAP Newborn and Child Specialist

    Medical Checkup

    We all know "prevention is better than cure". This is where Noheria Nursing Home...

  • Testimonials

    I am heartly thankful to Dr. Sushma Noheria for my normal delivery. Because she helps me for my normal delivery, without her guidance my delivery was not normal. She guided me time to time & only after the labor pain of half hour, I gave birth to a baby normally without any fear. Now only after a day, I feel healthy.
    Neelam AggarwalVishavakarma Colony, Pinjore