of Noheria Nursing Home

  • More than 4 Lakh OPD Patients seen at Noheria Nursing Home.
  • More than 10,000 deliveries done with consistent Caessarian rate 5-6%
  • Normal Deliveries 94-95%, Painless Normal Delivery on request.
  • Birth of record Breaking 5.7 kg baby by normal Delivery.
  • More than 6000 couples prepared for parenthood through Ante Natal class

A jumbo baby

Tribune Service

Panchkula, June 22- it was a scene of all round excitement at the Noheria nursing Home in sector 8 of this satellite town where an usually healthy child of 5.7 Kg was born this morning.
The doctors are excited because the child was born through normal delivery. The Sainis- Amrit Lal and Anita were excited because they were blessed with a son after three daughters. The attendants were excited because they had not seen so healthy a child at the time of birth.

The doctor couple, Vinod & Sushma Noheria, who run this Nursing home say that the normal height of a newly born child is 20″ but in this case the child is a little over 2 feet. Even in the case of healthy children the maximum weight ranges from 4.6 kg to 4.8 Kg.

“we have not seen such a healthy child at the time of birth. We telephoned various nursing homes in Panchkula & Chandigarh whether any child of this weight and height was ever born. All of them said they had never heard of such a healthy baby at the time of birth”

The Noherias, however, confess that such healthy children are born to Jewish mothers. The main reason is that they are quite tall and healthy.

In India if any woman delivers child beyond 3.2 Kg of weight she is either diabetic or pre-diabetic. However, in this case the mother is absolutely normal.

Lying on a cot near her son, Anita looked cheerful. She, however, refused to be photographed with his son.

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