Ante Natal Classes

Ante natal classes organized by Noheria Nursing Home

Ante Natal Class

Pregnancy is not a disease rather a more healthy state. You conceive only if you are healthy. Pregnancy hormones are designed to use raw material from your diet more efficiently.

Still we go to a doctor because approximately 1 in 10 may develop in course of pregnancy and child birth some preventable cause of foetal or maternal complication. A doctor can pick them up at a much earlier stage and also much before we develop any symptom. Thus most of the complications can be prevented.

Schedule for anti natal check-up:

  • Every month during first 6 months
  • Every 15 days during 7th month.
  • Every 10 days during 8th and 9th month

Why Anti Natal class?

Now it is very tiring and non efficient way to talk to your doctor in her clinic about every little thing you should know. It almost takes 3-4 hours. So it is wise to go to an anti natal class every 3 months with your husband/family member during pregnancy.

Aim of Anti natal class:

Aim is to sensitize pregnant women, their husbands & other family members about the importance of care during pregnancy and after childbirth. There is no doubt that this is the most important part of anti natal care where:

  • we save rather than spend on woman care.
  • prevent most of the complications, rather than they occur and then we treat them.
  • Doctors learn about myths developing in society with changing time.
  • helps improve doctor-patient bonding & nonetheless women get timely support from family members.

Aims & Objectives:

The sole objective of organizing such a programme and workshop is to create awareness in the community about progress of science and practices in the field of obstetrics. This in the long run is expected to bring some positive change in the society (in unique Indian ways).

Napoleon had once said: “You care for the mother to be today and I will give you best battelian of the world 20 years later”.

Because intrauterine development of the foetus is the basic structure of a human being on which he/she can only improve a little later on in life.

Beyond doubt two things which need awareness are:

  • Prepare women for child birth: We have 7-8 months to prepare her physically & mentally to undergo normal delivery and on top of that we can assist her with pain relief.
  • Do not interfere in the process of labour until required medically for the safety of mother and foetus
  • the events of child birth starts 3 weeks before designated date in the body and beautifully programmed natural changes take place. If we interfere at any stage, we have to interfere at every next stage.
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