Interview with Dr. Sushma Noheria, Gynaecologist & Obstetrician

Dr. Sushma Noheria

If you’re curious about the people behind the successful and long-running Noheria Nursing Home, here’s the first in the series of interviews. Read on to find out what Dr. Sushma Noheria believes is the best way to keep healthy, and her principles and beliefs.

Q. What inspired you to become an Ob/Gyn?
A. Firstly, I’ve always felt that women are the ones who understand other women better. Furthermore, female patients are usually more comfortable with a female doctor. They don’t have to worry about explaining things, or be embarrassed. That’s the main reason I became an Ob/Gyn.

And secondly, I believe that we need more skilled doctors in our industry. We need doctors who believe in and strive for the well-being of their patients, rather than just do a cursory examination and send them off with some medication they don’t need.

Q. How long have you been at this?
A. I have been working in this field for 30 years now. I graduated from Agra Medical College. Back when I was a student there, Agra Medical had a fine reputation. Its around a 100 years old, and has produced some of the best doctors in our country.

Q. Do you think every woman should visit an Ob/Gyn- pregnant and otherwise?
A. Yes, I do believe that every woman should visit her Gynecologist, at least once a year. Once a girl reaches puberty, it would be a great idea for her to come visit with her parents. She will have some questions about her body and the changes it is experiencing.

Here, at the Noheria Nursing Home, we aim to become a kind of co-partners to parents raising girls. We educate parents on what kind of foods a growing girl child needs to eat, what kind of exercises she needs to be doing to develop a healthy body. We do a lot of mentoring to underprivileged parents who might otherwise not get this information.

Q. It’s appointment day! What should a woman expect at your clinic?
A. First of all, we talk. We try to find out why she’s here and what she expects from us. An examination will be done only if its required. We would probably also do a screening test for cervical cancer- its something every woman between the ages of 25 and 64 must do. I cannot stress this enough. It is preventable. There is a vaccination and I strongly advise women between the age of puberty and 25 years to get this done.

Q. What, according to you, is a good Gynecologist supposed to be like?
A. A good gynecologist is someone who is open. It has to be someone who communicates well, and doesn’t unnecessarily frighten patients. He or she has to be someone the patient feels comfortable being around. If the patient is not comfortable with the gynec, how will there be any open communication? The Ob/Gyn must also be observant in an inobtrusive way.

Q. How do you maintain such a high success rate of normal natural deliveries?
A. We keep a close eye on our patients’ diet and physical routine. We teach them good exercises they can do to make sure that, when the time comes, their deliveries are safe and mostly painless. We do not believe in pain medication- unless it is absolutely necessary. It can be expensive. We offer counseling to working women on how to make sure that they stay healthy and how to manage after their delivery as well. I think it is the fact that we reassure our patients, keep them calm and healthy, and keep a close eye on them that helps in their safe and painless deliveries.

Q. What is your mantra for women to keep healthy?

A. My mantra for women to be healthy- and to stay healthy- is proper diet and good exercise. Nothing else compares to these two. And this applies to all women- pregnant or otherwise.

8 thoughts on “Interview with Dr. Sushma Noheria, Gynaecologist & Obstetrician”

  1. I have met Dr. Sushma Noheria very briefly at a wedding. What touched me was her simplicity and interest in trying to help women. I was having a gynec problem which was told to her by her daughter. She rembered it and gave me suggestive measures. Unfortunately, I do not live in Chandigarh. I was amazed at the interest she showed me despite meeting her for the first time. I feel she has been gifted with most of the qualities a good doctor needs.

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